*Over age 17 with a history of alcohol

abuse or other drug abuse.

*Criminal history may include crimes

other than drug charges.

*Persons with misdemeanor or felony

crimes with no history of violence,

gang affiliation or significant drug


*When the arrest is for drug possession

the amount must be consistent with

personal use.

*A weapon cannot be used in the comm-

ission of a crime, and the defendant is

not currently on probation or parole.

Admissions must have prior screening

and approval by the D.A. Office.

*The defendant must be eligible for

early release.

Parish Re-Entry Programs has been designed to facilitate successful re-entry

of ex-offenders into the law-abiding world. This goal will be achieved through an

intensive in-prison treatment program focusing on both substance abuse and

criminality issues.

The criminal population has been shown to engage in drug and alcohol abuse, and

that abuse can be a causative factor in the commission of criminal acts. Through

an intensive in-prison treatment program followed by post-release outpatient

treatment, the Re-entry Court can successfully reintegrate ex-offenders into law-

abiding society. This will be accomplished by focusing on the offenders’ substance

abuse problems, criminal thinking, and continuity of care as they transition into

the free-world.

* The Judge

* Jail Warden

* The Sheriff

* District Attorney Office

* Probation/Parole Office

* Administrator

* Program Director

* Primary Counselor

* Case Manager

* Support Staff

* The Evaluator


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